Friday, June 11, 2010

How's YOUR Lightsaber Skill?

Naomi Kritzer sent me this, but it's just too damn awesome not to share with everyone. On Craig's List, she found:

Star Wars Character with Lightsaber Skills Wanted

My favorite line is, "Lightsaber skills a must." Because, you know, that's demonstrable... Actually, I'd bet that you could get a bunch of local fans to do something really, REALLY awesome including an entire battalion of stormtroopers to bust up the party near the end. Heck, one of our very own Wyrdsmiths (you know who you are) has a very convincing lightsaber and Darth Vader mask.....

1 comment:

Douglas Hulick said...

I don't have the costume, but I SO have the weapons training for that. ;)