Thursday, May 17, 2007

WTF: Technorati

I was reading John Scalzi's list of the fifty top individual author blogs, as rated by Technorati, and I got curious: Where does Wyrdsmiths rank, according that web-running Wunderkind?

Guess what? It doesn't. Even though I've seen at least a dozen blogs and sites with links back to here, it wasn't plugged in to their

So, I signed us up. And pinged us. And embedded the do-hickey in the sidebar.

And clicked "release the spiders!"

It still says we have no links to our blog.

Hmm. Seems like my blog links here. As does Lyda's and Tate's, and Eleanor's, and... hey, wait... so do several blogs of our readers, too!

What is Technorati smoking?

Or, how feeble are my skillz that I can't get this thing to update properly?

Anyway, if you belong to the Tech-no-raters, check out this link:

Add to Technorati Favorites

See you in the rankings!


Anonymous said...

Wyrdsmiths was already in my favorites list somehow. LOL

Anonymous said...

I know, your favorite popped up instantly. I can't get TR to recognize that we've updated the blog anytime in the last 285 days, or to recognize the 54 blog links that they note link to here.