Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Wyrdsmiths Bibliography

Because I wanted to have it all in one place, and because I thought our readers might be interested, here's a partial bibliography for the Wyrdsmiths–it lacks poems and non-fiction, and I know I've missed some stories by Eleanor and possibly some of our other members.

Wyrdsmiths Bibliography:

Eleanor Arnason


The Sword Smith. NY: Condor Press, 1978
To The Resurrection Station. NY:Avon, 1986
Daughter Of The Bear King. NY: Avon, 1987
A Woman Of The Iron People. NY: Morrow, 1991
Ring Of Swords. NY: Tor, 1993

Short Fiction:

"A Clear Day in the Motor City." NEW WORLDS 6
"The Warlord of Saturn's Moons." NEW WORLDS 7
"Ace 167." ORBIT 15, ed. Damon Knight; NY: Harper & Row, 1974
"The House by the Sea." ORBIT 16, ed. Damon Knight. NY: Harper & Row, 1975
"The Face on the Barroom Floor" (with Ruth Berman). STAR TREK: THE NEW VOYAGES #1
"Going Down." ORBIT 19, ed. Damon Knight, Harper & Row 1977
"A Ceremony of Discontent," (ss) A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN, v6 #1&2, 1981
"The Ivory Comb." AMAZONS II, ed. Jessica Amanda Salmonson, NY: DAW, 1982
"Glam's Story." TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED. #2, 1987
"Among the Featherless Bipeds." TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED #3 , 1988
"A Brief History of the Order of St. Cyprian the Athlete." TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED #10, 1992
"The Hound of Merin." XANADU
"The Lovers." ASIMOV'S, July 1994
"The Semen Thief." AMAZING, Winter 1994
"The Dog's Story." ASIMOV'S, May 1996
"The Small Black Box of Morality." TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED #16. 1996
"The Venetian Method." TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED #19, 1998.
reprint: BEST OF THE REST #2, ed. Brian Youmans. Boston: Suddenly Press,1999
"The Gauze Banner." MORE AMAZING STORIES, ed. Kim Mohan. NY: Tor, 1998
"Stellar Harvest." ASIMOV'S, April 1999.
"The Grammarian's Five Daughters." REALMS OF FANTASY, June 1999
"Dapple: A Hwarhath Historical Romance." ASIMOV'S, September 1999.
"Origin Story." TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED #21, 2000
"The Cloud Man." ASIMOV'S, October/November 2000
"Lifeline." ASIMOV'S, February 2001
"Moby Quilt." ASIMOV'S, May 2001
"The Glutton: A Goshat Accounting Chant." TALES OF THE UNATICIPATED #22, 2001
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"The Potter of Bones." ASIMOV'S, September 2002
"Big Ugly Mama and the ZK." ASIMOV'S, September 2003
"Big Black Mama and Tentacle Man," Tales of the Unanticipated #24 2003

Tate Hallaway


Garnet Lacey Series:
"Drop Dead Gorgeous" BERKLEY TRADE (Penguin) May 2006
"Dead Sexy" BERKLEY TRADE (Penguin) May 2007
"Romancing the Dead" BERKLEY TRADE (Penguin) Forthcoming 2008

Short Fiction:

"Fire and Ice and Linguini for Two," MANY BLOODY RETURNS (anthology), edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner, ACE (Penguin) September 2007

William Henry

"Laila Ahara," (Excerpt from "The Commission"–unpublished) Tales from the Black Dog: A Wyrdsmiths Chapbook 2005
"A Bird Of Fire," (Excerpt from "The Commission"–unpublished) New Wyrd: A Wyrdsmiths Anthology 2006

Douglas Hulick


A Tale of the Kin series:
"Among Thieves", ROC (Penguin), April 2011

Short Fiction:
"Moonlighting," Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine #9, Summer, 1990
"All That Cuts", Shadis Magazine, Issue #24, February, 1996
"Key of Green", Shadis Magazine, Issue #25, March, 1996
"An Inconvenient Corpse," (Excerpt from "Dust and Steel"–unpublished) New Wyrd: A Wyrdsmiths Anthology 2006

Naomi Kritzer


Eliana's Song:
"Fires of the Faithful," Bantam Spectra October 2002
"Turning the Storm," Bantam Spectra January 2003
The Dead Rivers Trilogy
"Freedom's Gate," Bantam Spectra July 2004
"Freedom's Apprentice," Bantam Spectra May 2005
"Freedom's Sisters," Bantam Sprectra July 2006

Short Fiction:

"Faust's SASE," Scavenger's Newsletter, September 1999
"Brother Mac, You Are Healed!," Planet Relish, December 1999
"Gift of the Winter King," Realms of Fantasy, April 2000
"The Price," Tales of the Unanticipated #21, April 2000
"Spirit Stone," Realms of Fantasy, October 2000
The Golem," Realms of Fantasy, December 2000
"Comrade Grandmother," Strange Horizons, September 2002
"In the Witch's Garden," Realms of Fantasy, October 2002
"St. Ailbe's Hall," Strange Horizons, January 2004
The Long Walk," (With Lyda Morhouse) Tales of the Unanticipated #26, October 2005
"Masks," New Wyrd: A Wyrdsmiths Anthology 2006
"Honest Man," Realms of Fantasy, October 2007

H. Courreges LeBlanc

Short Fiction:

"The Ecstasy Array," Tales of the Unanticipated #17 1997
"Euphonasia," Tales of the Unanticipated #20, 1999
"The Square Hills," Terra Incognita Sum 2000
"Thicker Than Water," Darkling Plain Sum 2000
"Life Without Parole," Tales of the Unanticipated #22 2001
"Fiddler," Strange Horizons, 2001
"Quink," Strange Horizons, 2002
"Amends," Imaginings, ed. Keith R. A. DeCandido, Pocket 2003
"The Ballad of the Pterodactyl Rose," Tales from the Black Dog: A Wyrdsmiths Chapbook 2005
"How Many Horses?," New Wyrd: A Wyrdsmiths Anthology 2006

Kelly McCullough

Novels and Books:

WebMage Series:
1. "WebMage," ACE (Penguin) 2006
2. "Cybermancy," ACE (Penguin) - Forthcoming September 25th 2007
3. "CodeSpell," ACE (Penguin) - Forthcoming June 2008
4. "MythOS," ACE (Penguin) - Forthcoming Summer 2009
"Chronicles of the Wandering Star," It's About Time, 2006 (An illustrated collection as part of the InterActions in Physical Science curriculum)

Short Fiction:

"WebMage" Weird Tales, #317, 1999
"The Wyrm OreBoreUS" Tales of the Unanticipated #21, 2000
"The Sharp End" L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Vol. XVII, 2001
"When Jabberwocks Attack" Tales of the Unanticipated #22, 2002
"Shatter" Weird Tales, #332, 2003
"FimbulDinner" Weird Tales, #339, 2006
"The Uncola" Cosmic SF #4, 2005
"Dying Season" Weird Tales #342, 2006
"The Basilisk Hunter" New Wyrd: A Wyrdsmiths Anthology, 2006
"A Cat Named Dilemma" Home At Last (publication forthcoming)
"Interface Pattern" Absolute Magnitude (publication forthcoming)

Lyda Morehouse


AngeLINK series
"Archangel Protocol," ROC (Penguin) May 2001
"Fallen Host," ROC (Penguin) May 2002
"Messiah Node," ROC (Penguin) May 2003
"Apocalypse Array," ROC (Penguin) May 2004

Short Fiction:

"Everything in Its Place," Tales of the Unanticipated 19 August 1998-July 1998
"Twelve Traditions," Science Fiction Age 7:4 May 1999
"Maternal Leave," Horizons: Science Fiction 20:2 Autumn/Winter 1999
"Irish Blood," in Angela Kessler (editor), The Best of Dreams of Decadence: Vampire Stories to Keep Up Till Dawn New York: Roc, 2003
"The Case of the Missing Devil Child," Simulcrum: The Magazine of Speculative Transformation 1 November 2003
"Tutivillus," Tales from the Black Dog: A Wyrdsmiths Chapbook 2005
“Jawbone of An Ass," New Wyrd: A Wyrdsmiths Anthology 2006
"The Long Walk," (with Naomi Kritzer) Tales of the Unanticipated 26 October 2005-July 2006
"Indigo Bunting," Blythe House Quarterly 2007
"The Van Buylen Effect," Tales of the Unanticipated forthcoming 2007
"Bright, Bright City Lights," Dark Wisdom forthcoming 2007
"Ishtartu," Periphery-Erotic Lesbian Futures, forthcoming 2007

Sean M. Murphy

Short Fiction:

"Gaydar," Superqueeroes. (Forthcoming)
"Maelstrom," Tales from the Black Dog: A Wyrdsmiths Chapbook 2005
"Cloverleaf One," New Wyrd: A Wyrdsmiths Anthology 2006


Anonymous said...

Very very cool. Thanks for this.

Sorry I've been so reticent this week. We got a call at 1:30 Monday morning - a cadaver kidney was available, so my son was able to have his transplant. :squeeee!!!:

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey Mari,

That's fabulous news! I hope everything goes well for him and you.

Oh, and everyone else, please be an organ donor. In many places it's quick and easy to set up-here in WI for example, you can sign a form at the DMV and they'll put a sticker on your driver's license.

Anonymous said...

He gets to move into a regular room away from the PICU this afternoon. He's doing super-great! He's never been this healthy in his life.

And yes, organ donor registration is very important. Get a sticker - and make sure you have a very detailed living will too!

Kelly Swails said...

Mari: Congrats! How old is your son? That's awesome that he got his organ and seems to be doing well. He's got a long road ahead of him, but he'll get through it. It's a strange phenomenon that science has given us: we pray for someone to die so that our loved one can live. It screws with your head, doesn't it?

I've long been a proponet of organ donation. My dad had a heart transplant 17 years ago, so I've been an official organ donor ever since I got my driver's license. They changed the system recently in IL, so if you signed up before 2004 or something you need to sign up again. It's all online now.

For folks who don't want to be an organ donor, I usually propose this challenge: set a timer for an hour. When it dings, hope will all your might that someone dies so your child/mother/dad/spouse will live. After you're done, set the timer again. Do it before bed and the first thing in the morning. Usually, it only takes a day or two before they say, "You know what? This sucks. I'll at least consider being a donor now."

Anonymous said...

Mari: Congrats! How old is your son?

Thanks! He will be 18 on October 28th. What a birthday gift. ;) My close friends keep telling him he has two birthdays now. I keep telling them to stop encouraging him. ROFL

we pray for someone to die so that our loved one can live. It screws with your head, doesn't it?

My head's been mush all week. See, I'd tried to be a donor and had gotten the go ahead, then we got snagged up in insurance issues. Namely - I don't have any and the hospital won't take an uninsured donor. >.< So he had to be put on the cadaver list at the end of May; all Summer, we watched him declined and had just prepared for the worst. :/

For folks who don't want to be an organ donor

After all Thomas has gone through, I can't understand how anyone could be that selfish. (Just my own personal soapbox!)

I like your timer plan. What a cool idea. It was interesting - now and again I post up the current statistics from UNOS on my personal blog. I posted them up Sunday morning - and of course, Thomas was one of the near-97 thousand in that number count. And we got the call at 11:30 that evening...

He's doing fantastic! He may be discharged next week.

Kelly Swails said...

The hospital probably has liability issues and that's why they don't take uninsured donors. I can understand it from a business perspective but from not from a patient perspective.

I'm so happy for you and your son. He'll have a long road ahead of him but with lots of love and support and cyclosporin he'll pull through just fine. :) Glad to hear he's moving to the regular floor.

Oh, and he totally has two birthdays now. :)

Anonymous said...

I can understand it from a business perspective but from not from a patient perspective.

Exactly. I'm more than heartbroken.

but with lots of love and support and cyclosporin he'll pull through just fine.

Indeed! I told him yesterday, "You have a lot of people who care about you," and he said, "I know." ROFL He's so rotten!

Oh, and he totally has two birthdays now. :)

That are too months apart - with Christmas two months later! Lucky guy!