Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fall Writing Rituals

I took down my summer office today-a second floor screen porch. It always makes me a bit melancholy when I do that, and this year even more so. It's the edge of winter and that means that under normal circumstances there'd be no more writing in my mostly-out-of-doors office for five months, but these are not normal circumstances.

This year it is quite possible I won't be back in my beloved office for 8-9 months because I will be spending a good bit of next spring and summer in Scotland. Yeah, I know, nobody feels sorry for me and nobody should. I just wanted to observe that there's a special poignancy to the end of the fall writing season this year.

Do you have seasons of writing? Times of year that are better or worse? Seasonal rituals?


Anonymous said...

Kelly, I'm jealous of your summer office - it sounds peaceful. And especially of your upcoming time in Scotland! Enjoy the changing of the seasons - I'm missing them this year. Although I'm NOT missing dreading icy roads!

The view out my window changes annually, due to my tendency to move so often, but otherwise my writing remains the same. When I find a way to be able to see my laptop screen outside, you can bet I'll start writing on the beach, in the woods, at an outdoor cafe, by the pool...

Kelly McCullough said...

Hi Beth,

I can't imagine moving as often as you have. I travel quite a bit for Laura's job and because we have friends scattered all over the place and knowing how old that gets, the thought of major moves just winds me.

I guess I'm something of a moss-gathering stone, though one that periodically gets shipped off to have its picture taken with exciting tourist attractions before settling back into its comfortable hollow after being shipped home again.

P.S. I signed your books Thursday, though I'm not sure when they'll go out the door.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly! Something to look forward to.

I'd like to be that occasionally-traveling rock...sounds nice to have a cozy hollow to return to after adventuring.

Rick Bylina said...

My fall writing ritual includes NANOWRIMO. Without NANO, I doubt I would have had the support or umph to finish my first novel. I am a competitive person by nature and the challenge from others and from NANO to do the 50,000 words is the only real writing ritual I have.

I'd love to write outside, but I'm distracted by every leaf and bug. It's enough that I have a window to look out of...I see enough wonderful distractions from nature there.


Kelly McCullough said...

Hey Rick,

I've been thinking about giving NaNoWriMo a try this year. I need to crank out something in the neighborhood of 50k in November anyway, and it might be fun to do it in synch with the crowd instead of alone in my turret as I usually do.

Douglas Hulick said...

My writing rituals are basically determined by the school year. When the kids are in school, I get to have a regular routine; when they are out, I have to eke out what little bits I can. Since I do much better with a regular writing routine, the chaos of summer and vacations are make it even harder for me to use what time I have. This last summer was mainly for revisions and story generation/plotting, which might be a rhythm I can live with.

Oh, and I'll need to have you buy scotch for me when you are over there. I'll still hate you for going, but a dram may help take the edge off a bit. :)