Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear Feline Collective

Re: Proposed change to feline barfing schedule/cancellation of the 4:00 a.m. bathroom hallway express.

Conceded: Religious/cultural significance of barfing for feline household members. Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta fly. Cats gotta barf.

Points of ongoing dispute unrelated to current negotiations: Comparative authority/ownership of all household assets (including human and feline members). Timing and availability of treats and other food items.

Proposed alternatives: Double barfing privileges at other times, increased snack flow, reduced death threats.

Relationship to writing: Decreased 4:00 a.m. barfing should result in increased sleeping and greater literary production.

In closing: We are eagerly awaiting your response.



Anonymous said...

We respond as follows:

Anonymous said...

While I agree with Kelly's letter, I couldn't help laughing at the response...

Kelly Swails said...

Hear, hear, Y.

While the kitty barfing video was pretty damn funny, it wasn't enough to sway my opinion on this matter. No puking during sleeping hours!

Anonymous said...

We have nothing to discuss. We didn't do it, you saw nothing, and it isn't our fault if you sleep in the dark instead of in the sunshine.

Silly human.

Kelly McCullough said...

All right, so far so good. The barf truce stands at one night.