Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Yesterday I finished MythOS, the 4th WebMage book. This one felt like it was taking forever, even though it really wasn't, and "the end" felt so very sweet to write. I'm going to go off and run around in little circles now. Big errand-encompassing circles, actually.

There's 40 lbs of prescription cat food waiting for me at that vet. Five cats, two with slight health issues means KD in bulk. I also need to drop the old toner cartridge at UPS for recycling–I go through a terrifying amount of toner and paper with each book, about a cartridge-and-a-half and 10,000 pages (which works out to about 6,000 sheets since a lot of that is double sided). I might grocery shop in there, if I'm running ahead of schedule. Then it's into the Cities for paperwork for the Scotland trip in May.

BTW, does anyone need a few hundred cubic yards of snow? I've got lots. I like winter, but this one is wearing on me. It's not actually the snow–snow means x-country skiing–it's the cold and the being trapped inside. My winter office faces south, which would be great if I were a painter and needed the light. I'm not, I'm a writer and the light makes it hard to read my laptop which means that the drapes need to be closed if I'm going to work and that gets dreary after a while.

I'm going to stop free associating now, and wander off to run errands.


tate hallaway said...


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Nels said...

Congrats on finishing the book!

And I totally hear you about the winter. It's so bad I'm seeing squirrels out hunting for more food.

Michael Damian Thomas said...


Kimberly Frost said...


Where in Scotland are you going in May? Is it writing-related or just for fun?

Good luck today. My guess is that after a full day of errands, you'll be ready to go back to your laptop by tomorrow... okay, maybe not quite that soon. ;)

Kelly McCullough said...

Thanks for all the congrats, folks. Feels great.

Nels, I'm with the squirrels.

Kimber, Laura's going to be teaching in Dalkeith about five minutes south of Edinburgh. It's a residential program in Dalkeith Palace and we'll be there for about two months. Laura teaches one intro physics class from 10-12 Mon-Thurs which leaves a lot of time for playing around Edinburgh weekdays and points further away on the weekends. So the answer is kind of neither, and kind of both since I'll write some and soak up location a lot.

Tim Susman said...

Congratulations! No matter how many you finish, it's always a great feeling to be "done."

Sorry to hear about your winter. If I could send some California sunshine, I would... :)

Kimberly Frost said...


That is awesome regarding Scotland. It's on my list of the places I want to visit. (i.e. the crazy plan involving bringing a Highlander home in a duffel to act as muse.)

Please take lots of pictures and post often while there. I want to be in Scotland, too. (I'll settle for being there as the virtual me.)

Physics, huh? Tell Laura that I admire her mind. I love physics, but the advanced topics are always hard to get my head around.


Kelly McCullough said...


That's one you definitely have to cross off your list as done when you get the chance. Edinburgh is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Laura and I were married there in the summer between her B.A. and starting her M.S/Ph.D program.

I'll pass along the admiration. It's one of her best features, along with even keel, and drop-dead gorgeous. 18 years together and still deliriously in love.

Theo Nicole Lorenz said...


Kimberly Frost said...


Still deliriously in love and heading back to where you guys got married? That sounds like the perfect way to spend the spring/summer. I wish you safe and wonderful travels.


P.S. I'm a fan of Ian Rankin's and J.K. Rowling's who both write there. I imagine you could spot them in a cafe while you're all working. If so please pass along my warmest regards.

Anonymous said...

Cheers! Hurrah! And all those celebratory comments! Clay keeps bugging me for WebMage and Cybermancy so he will be psyched that theres another one (..or two rather) on the way!

Kelly Swails said...

A. Congrats! Raise the roof!

B. I don't need anymore snow, either. Had my fill, thanks. Spring can come any time now. Is one little crocus bloom too much to ask for?

C. 6,000 sheets. Dude, that's a lotta paper.

Anonymous said...

Cngrtlshns, Klly. N tm t wrt mr. Wll rd Mths whn hv mr tm, k?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting done!
Done is beautiful.

Kelly McCullough said...

Now that I'm a little more coherent...Thanks for the congrats to Tate/Lyda, Nels, Michael, Kimber, Tim, Nicole, Mariah, Kelly X, Sean, and Jonna. They are much appreciated.

Tim, thanks for the offer of sunshine. I'm currently thinking about packaging on that. I may get back to you.

Kimber, if I bump into Rankin or Rowling, I'll try to remember. However I expect my brain to go all fanboy blooie if I do, so I won't make any promises. I'll definitely take tons of pix, and post often. I suppose that means I'm going to have figure out how to put pictures on blogger.

Sean...sr whnvr. Wh r w tlkng lk ths? Did Teresa Nielsen Hayden Disemvowel you?

X, it is a lot of paper, though it really varies from about 4,000 sheets to 6,000.

If you're interested...

For Cybermancy ~450 manuscript pages times 6 Wyrdsmiths during writing = 2,700 pages. ~450 sheets times 6-10 beta readers = 2,700-4,500. 450 times 3-5 copies for my editor depending on revisions = 1,350-2,500. Total 6,750-9,700.

Which I would feel much more guilty about if I hadn't also made this calculation: 300 page paperback = 150 double sided pages = 75 sheets times initial print run ~20,000 (informed guess) copies = 1,500,000 sheets. Seen in that light my 6,000 sheets feel more like a very small but important initial paper investment.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kelly, Any chance you need a couple Beta Readers? Sari is very anxious to read your next (as am I). She made another of those distressing "he's my favorite writer" comments. She usually remembers to except present company when she makes the statement within my hearing, but it still kinda rankles....


Kelly McCullough said...

Hey Dave,

Yes. I was going to check in with you on that in a week or so, once I've finished converting the alpha draft to a beta.

~ Mari said...

Congratulations Kelly!

Snow? I'm in Houston as of last night - until the 7th. It's a beautiful 62*currently. I left the snow in Kentucky.;)

Kelly McCullough said...

Thanks, Mari:-)