Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CodeSpell, One Week Warning (Updated)

Hey folks,

So it turns out my next book, CodeSpell is out in a week. If you feel so inclined, that link will allow you to order a copy that will also kick money my way via Amazon.

CodeSpell has gotten a couple of very nice early reviews. Publishers Weekly called CodeSpell the "taut third book in the Ravirn series" and said, "A hint of cyberpunk, a dollop of Greek mythology and a sprinkle of techno-magic bake up into an airy genre mashup. Lots of fast-paced action and romantic angst up the ante as Ravirn faces down his formidable foes." From Romantic Times* four star review: "This third book featuring hacker extraordinaire Ravirn is every bit of a fast-paced, energetic, page-turner as its predecessors. Ravirn continues to be a fascinating protagonist, and the chaotic twists of the plot carry the reader through to the end.

Update SFRevu:
"Codespell is one long adrenalin rush, with a few small pauses for Ravirn to heal from his near-fatal brushes with the movers and shakers of the universe, all while trying to figure out how to survive the next inevitable encounter." And: "Politics takes on a whole new complexion when it's practiced by the immortals of Greek mythology who never eat breakfast without examining the pros and cons of bacon vs. sausages from all angles first."

Also, there is rumor of a hardcover reissue of WebMage for the library trade. I haven't been able to verify that its real yet, but if y'all feel the desire to improve the odds and are so inclined you could sign up to be notified in the event that actually does become a real book.

*No link due to lack of a free online version.


Kelly Swails said...

Sweet reviews! Any way I can score a copy at WisCon?

Michael Damian Thomas said...

It seems that John Scalzi has his copy.


Kelly McCullough said...

X, I've been told that the Dreamhaven booth should have copies, though how many they will have I can't say.

Michael, cool, thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the reviews are liking you. :D

And, because I have to, at the Scalzi post, my bog that is a lot of free books...

Michael Damian Thomas said...

Copies of CodeSpell have made it to the Borders in DeKalb, IL. They also restocked WebMage and Cybermancy.

Tim Susman said...

Congrats on the good reviews! I'll have to snag a copy to put in my stack ...

Unknown said...