Thursday, May 15, 2008


On another topic entirely, does anyone know what is happening to Dreamhaven? I just heard that Greg has sold his building. I know he was thinking about doing that, because he got tired of the road construction on Lake Street. Hard to run a business, when your customers can't get to you. Then I heard he might not sell. Now the deal is apparently done.

ETA: Check Comments thread for update on Dreamhaven's actual plans. --Sean M. Murphy


Paul Weimer said...

Dreamhaven is closing?!?

Anonymous said...

I just spoke with Elizabeth, and she gave me the real scoop. Dreamhaven will be moving, assumingall goes according to plan. They have sold the building, and are looking to close on another space next week.

Dreamhaven will be relocating to 2301 East 38th Street in Minneapolis.

You may now make your sacrifices to the real estate gods that all goes well on Tuesday. And look for an update from Dreamhaven's website next week for confirmation.

Eleanor said...

I checked the map. The new location (if all goes well) is not bad: on the 38th Street bus line and close to the #27 bus line, which runs on either Haiwatha or Minnehaha, and to light rail.

Not as great at the current location, between Uptown and Lyn-Lake. But a great location doesn't help, if people can't get to you, due to construction.