Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wyrd Universe 7.31.08

I had fun with this last week, so here's some more:

• While you’re waiting for the film, read the (comic) book. At last week’s SDCC, Marvel Comics unveiled a first look at their adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s classic Ender’s Game (1985).

Serious about genre: Michael Chabon talks Sturgeon’s law, PKD, Philip Pullman, and the maps of childhood in an interview with the LA Times.

Over all this presides, like a bewildered king, his huge, handsome head lifted in frowning attention, a man whose massive black eyebrows have patches of grey, whose hair has become a helmet of white. It’s a Celtic head. It could belong to Robert Graves’s brother: An exclusive excerpt from Michael Moorcock’s memoir (a work in progress) about the legendary Mervyn Peake, at Enter the Octopus.

• Start cleaning out the garage hangar deck for your very own Viper. Sci Fi Wire announces that more than 3,000 props, costumes, and other pieces of memorabilia will be auctioned off after BSG's season 4 draws to a close.

The sci-fi mixtape of doom. Just skip right down to the comments. They're so much more fun than the article.

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