Sunday, August 17, 2008


There was much biking in Winnipeg, which was part of the plan and will be discussed at a bit more length later. There was also an unexpected two mile bike ride in Grand Forks (the city of my birth) and an hour stop due to this:


We needed to find something to do while we waited for all four of our tires to be replaced, so we biked to dinner.


Anonymous said...

I was born twenty miles away from Grand Forks in Crookston, MN. and raised there.

How does it look in that neck of the woods these days?

Kelly McCullough said...

It's probably not too far off from what you remember. I haven't lived there in more than thirty years and it still looks pretty much the same to me. Small city surrounded by a whole lot of flat, heavy on fields and light on trees. It certainly smells the same to me, like broad open spaces and grain and home.

Anonymous said...

Sounds about right! :-)