Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tag Lines

I've always been fascinated by those tag lines that books get under the title. My first novel Archangel Protocol got: "The future is closer than you think," which I always thought was a bit cliche and strained.

I, or rather Tate, just got the cover copy for her newest book, Dead If I Do (which is about a vampire wedding), and this is the tag: "Something borrowed, something blue, something dead, and witchy too!" I'd love to hear what y'all think of it, but I have to say: I LOVE it.

But it made me wonder... do people read those things? What do you think of those kinds of tag lines? What purpose do you think they serve?


Transcendancing said...

I read them! I love them!

They won't put me off a book if they're bad/cheesy etc unless they're grossly offensive in some form (racist, mysoginist etc).

They WILL make me pick up a book despite a horrific blurb (and there are so many horrific blurb's out there!)

I find that whatever that little catchphrase is, that it can often have this unique insight into the story and/or the author and I personally find it quite endearing.

Kelly McCullough said...

I love them too, and Anne Sowards (Tate and my editor) is absolutely brilliant with them.

She came up with "Magic is about to get an upgrade" for WebMage which totally rocked.

Kimberly Frost said...
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Kimberly Frost said...

I read them, and I think that one's great, Tate. :)

DKoren said...

I read those! They're eye-catching, and a good one will make me pick up a book just to read more. Along with a cover art (yes, I buy books just because the cover is really cool), the tag line has occasionally been enough to make me buy a book.