Tuesday, December 02, 2008


This is going around:

Age when I decided I wanted to be a writer: 23
Age when I wrote my first short story: 23
Age when I first got my hands on a good word processor: 23
Age when I first submitted a short story to a magazine: 23
Rejections prior to first short story sale: 90
Age when I sold my first short story: 31
Age when I killed my first market: 31 (my 3rd sale)
Approximate number of short stories sold: ~30 (it's complicated)
Age when I first sold a poem: 32
Poems sold: 3
Age when I wrote my first novel: 23
Age when I first sold a novel: 37
Novels written between age 23 and age 37: 7
Age when I wrote the first novel I sold: 32/33
Number of novels written before that: 3
Age when that novel was published: 38
Total number of novels written: 13
Books sold: 6 (5 novels, 1 short story educational thingie)
Books published or delivered and in the pipeline: 5
Number of titles in print: 4
Age when I was a Writers of the Future winner: 33
Age when I became a full-time novelist: 28 (kept man)
Age now: 41

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