Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging With Bonus Garden Blogging

I am not in the sun and I blame you


Sun, ahhh!


I was happy in the sun, but now I must ask: What is your bidding my master?*


Sun! x 3


Iz my blanket, go 'way!


And: Go spring!


* I know that's not natural for cats, but Nutmeg's a little odd.


Chris said...

Hmm. What sort of dastardly deeds are you going to send forth your feline minion to accomplish?

Kelly McCullough said...

Chris, mostly I tell her to do something evil, and she says "uh-huh" now let me rub my nose all over your face. She's got the worshipful half of worshipful obedience down pat, but she's a little hazy on following orders.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shot of the house too, Kelly - I love it! Could you find a house exactly like that for me, in a place where it doesn't snow? :-)

Hope things slow down soon, after your launch week!

Anonymous said...

Love the house. It's perfect!

Btw. Picked up MythOS yesterday. YAY!!

Eleanor said...

Did not find the new book in Barnes & Noble in downtown Minneapolis yesterday, though there were two other books in the series. I ended by buying the most recent Tate Hallaway. I never learned how it came out.

Lovely photo of the house.

jen@ywt said...

Oh they are all so adorable, and yes, the house looks great too.

I strongly suspect mine have been txting yours asking for disruptive advice because lately I have been required to build a fort from tunnel-connected nylon playcubes, with a blanket thrown over the top and toys provided inside, before they allow me to get any writing done. Then I am permitted to do a couple thousand words, maybe, before I am strongly urged to utilize my opposable thumbs on the treat bag while they dance around and roll their eyes at how slow I am.

Kelly McCullough said...

Thanks for the house compliments all, we really love it here.

Beth, will let you know if I see a lovely craftsman in an appropriate location.

Mari, cool.

Eleanor, hopefully that means they were sold out.

Jen, that does sound like something the feline collective would encourage, not to mention being amazingly cute.