Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning WIP

What's everyone doing on this fine Monday morning of June 20, 2009, the fortieth anniversary of the moon landing?

For my part, I'm off to the airport to pick up a friend returning from Europe. After that, it's back to the salt mines. Rinse, wash, and repeat.


Anonymous said...

I had an agent request a partial of Midnight first thing yesterday morning. And this month have been participating in JulNaWriMo just to get back into the swing of writing every day.37k so far for the month.

Douglas Hulick said...

Managed to fit in about an hour and a half of clean-up on Dust and Steel. Didn't get as afar as I wanted, but I blame myself for being OCD and revising bits here and there when I am just supposed to be primping the spelling, etc.

Bill Henry said...

When I first viewed Doug's comment, I misread the last phrase as "pimping the spelling." Which I'm still grinning about.

What would "pimping the spelling" involve exactly, do you suppose? I'm not sure that's an answerable question. But it's funny.

tate hallaway said...

Yesterday (Monday), I wrote about 2,000 words on Lyda's Mouse prequel (which is only fair since she's always talking about writing *my* books).