Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Morning Open Thread and WIP

Hey all,

Finally back from my travels. 3 trips, 4 time zones, 8 states, 15 days. I'll write up a trip a trip/meeting/con report in a couple of days including cool stuff and a Smart car on the road report. In the meantime, what's everyone doing?

On the writing front: I'm still in the limbo between turning the last book in and hearing back from my editor/proposing the next book. So I'm thinking about writing a new first 3 chapters to my 2nd book (silly fantasy ala Pratchett) so I can move it from basement storage to agent and active submission. I'm also thinking about pulling out the opening chapters of what would have been my 4th book (high fantasy) if I hadn't shifted to short stories, and seeing if I can't turn it into a book proposal that Jack might be able to sell. I'm feeling a little under-productive after a month off writing and that would give me 8 series out under submission as well as soaking up some of this downtime between Ace projects. Oh, and I have to get the final polish on Eye of Horus but that's only got one pass left to make so it'll only eat 2-3 days.

For the rest of life: The house needs to be restored to it's pre-July state. The gardens have weeds. I've gained back 4 of the pounds I'd lost, which means I've now 15 to go in getting back to my high school weight of 185. Originally it was 35 so I'm still doing all right, but it would have been nice to not have gained any at all during the trip season. The cats are in need of much reassurance as to their position at the center of the universe. I have about a million emails to deal with and I'm sure there's other house stuff that I've forgotten about beyond simple restoration.

How about y'all? Oh, and consider this an open thread as well. If you're new to the blog and want to say hi, or if you have writing questions, or whatever, this is a good place to do that.


tate hallaway said...

Well, today I need to try to remember how to write a novel with a six year old at home and under foot.

Strangely, the good news is that I have to wait for a repairperson to come and fix our drier, which is no longer heating. The good part is that it's an excuse to sit around and let Mason watch TV while I internets/write.

Jon said...

I'm trying to cement a writing schedule for myself, so I can kick myself out of the editing rut and back into writing new stuff on a more regular basis. It's a little more difficult than I anticipated.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Just finished the big non-fiction proposal and got it off to the co-editor's agent for feedback. I'm finding it very hard not to dive into the project, so I'm making notes so we're ready when it sells even as I prepare myself for it not happening. I need to dive into something new and short tonight for the distraction value if nothing else.

Douglas Hulick said...

I got in two hours of revision this morning, and should be able to pull that off all week (both kids in camp in the AM). I am hoping to be done with what needs to be done on that book by the end of the week. After that, it's writer house-cleaning projects: get a preliminary web site together, send a burb off to Jack for his site, clean up my office (an on-going task), and count the days until the boys go back to school. Once that last one clicks over, I can return to working on Hawthorn Queen on a regular schedule.