Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Smart Things

J Steven York on the value of covers and how that can be lost with ebooks.

Mari Mancusi guest posting at Kristin Nelson's blog: Never give up. Never surrender.

Lilith Saintcrow on how writing (producing art) can save your life. Smart and wise and may I note that what you write can save other's lives as well. I'm pretty sure books saved mine.

Kris Rusch writing about careers and setbacks and how things may not look the same from the inside as they do from the outside. Much here to think about in terms of setting and achieving goals and writer jealousy. She quotes Robert Silverberg: “So my career, marked as it has been by triumph after triumph, has often seemed to me like nothing but a formidable struggle.”

Kristing Nelson on why you should be paying close attention to Google books, especially if you're a writer--you might be missing out on income that should be coming your way.

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