Saturday, December 19, 2009

I blame John Scalzi

Updated: This was inspired by Scalzi's pranking of Wil Wheaton (link below) and perpetrated by my friend James (link in comments) with the support of a rather large cast of unindicted co-conspirators. It is also made of awesome.

Ravirn...on velvet...eviiiiiiiil:


I see it:


Me and it:


Recreating the Wil Wheaton pose:

And Scalzi's original eviiiiiiiiil.


Anonymous said...

omg kelly. i love it!

Jim C. Hines said...

Don't know which I like more, the painting or your expressions!

Kelly McCullough said...

I'm just blown away. I'll link to the eviiiil plot post once James Hall (AKA the party most responsible) gets it up on the web.

James Hall said...

Here's the eeevil plot post:

More directly, at:

My wife suggests maybe I should plan to be out of town for my birthday. ;-)