Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smart Things and Some That Are Merely Cool

David Coe over at SFNovlists talking about loving the work.

Jim Hines also at SFNovelists saying funny things about publishing terminology.

Charlie Stross saying smart things about the ways in which publishing is not like people think it is. Publishing misconceptions, the first in a series. With a very nice assist in comments from C.E. Petit. Ooh, and episode two came in before I posted: How books are made.

And on a related topic, C.E. Petit has a long discussion on copyright and book editions. (snerched from Jay Lake) I haven't fully read this one yet, but I trust both Jay's judgment that it's worth reading if you're a publishing geek and Petit's ability to do the topic justice.

Snerched from my editor, the marvelous Anne Sowards: "behind the scenes at Penguin--"Type Matters", a series of short videos about book designers & fonts." Fascinating stuff, if you're a publishing geek.

Anne Aguirre ranting funnily about things that piss her off. Three down is why I'm linking, because it is funny and smart.

Beth Hangelli being wise about life again.

The very perceptive Angela Kessler is reviving Dreams of Decadence as a general urban fantasy magazine and mentioned me in the submission guidelines as a favorite author and an example of the kind of stuff they're looking for. How cool is that?

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