Sunday, February 07, 2010

Smart Things & More Amazonfail

Jay Lake saying smart things About the life cycle of a manuscript going through publication and all the things a publisher does. This is related to the Amazon Macmillan mess, but would be a smart thing even without that. In the future I will direct my writing students to take a look at this post.

Agent Joshua Bilmes talking about e-book royalty structures.

Amazonfail links:

Snerched from Jay Lake, two posts on Apple's entry into ebooks both of which predate Amazonfail and both of which talk about the disruptive effects of the agency model. One, and Two.

Serious smackdown on ebook costs and publishing realities. Some very interesting stuff here.

New Macmillan author Blake Charlton freaking out about Amazonfail in a very way with a very funny post.

Cat Valente on why she doesn't see self-publishing replacing traditional publishing any time soon. Some very good thinking in here, though I'm not sure the cheese thing is the best analogy.

Sean Fodera with a very nice post on publisher overheads. Lots of good discussion in the thread too.

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