Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Cat Blogging-Lame Captions Ed.

Don't take my picture, Dude.
Can't you see I've been drinking?


Somewhere over the rainbow…


It's not the camera, I really am blurry!


Wide-load cat, is wide.


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Janet said...

Dear KMc!

Love the photos. I have a hard time taking pictures of our Dylan. Newly rescued 5yr old black, long-haired cat we got in November. I simply can't get him captured in all his blazing beauty.

I looked at your list of SF reads. Love the Gaiman and Bradbury and Pratcheet. I was struck that Douglas Adams wasn't up there. I've always thought of him as Sci-Fi but I'm not sure about genres anyways. Or maby it's because was more of a dumbed down version of SF? :) made for people like me who want humor with their space chases.

I have to add, I loved reading the post about superheroes. :D Mystery Men is one of our favorite, comfort movies.

Have a good Pussycat afternoon!