Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Green Zombies

Several months ago as I was returning home from picking up our CSA box, I noticed a curious sign that seemed to proclaim that section of LaFond Avenue in St. Paul a "post-apocalyptic green zone." So, Mason and I decided to go back an pose. Of course, were this a real emergency, no zombies would be allowed inside the zombie apocalypse green zone...

Of course, there was some discussion about the meaning of this sign on Facebook. Could it be that the green part of the apocalypse is that zombies and their rotting parts are bio-degradable and therefor "green," or has this neighborhood been given the designation of "green" to go ahead and defend against such an apocalpyse? I like to think that this is a safe-zone, a zombie-free "green" zone because of its relative nearness to my house. That way my family and I can make our way there quickly during the up-coming zombie apocalypse.

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