Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What Day is It in New Zealand?

Some time ago, I registered for CONZeland, the 78th World Science Fiction Convention.... which begins today in North America, because it is already tomorrow in New Zealand.

I spent a surprisingly large portion of the day yesterday trying to figure out WHEN things were happening and how to sync my Discord account to their Discord channel and get set up with their other concurrent systems.

I was hoping to be able to download my schedule into my Google calendar so everything would show up completely in CDT, (GMT-6,) but if that was possible, I never figured it out. In fact, I just wrote down everything, translated to my time, on a piece of PAPER. Because, while they *did* have a way to show your time on panel descriptions, the problem was that I could never get the full schedule to appear that way. If I wanted to see *my* time zone shown, I'd have to click through to each full panel description individually. I mean, I'm glad it was there AT ALL?

Still, this means the list under "my schedule" is pretty useless as something to quickly refer to. And the time slots, even translated to my time zone, all appear in military time, and, as someone whose dyslexia also effects numbers, I can not easily remember what time 1800 hours is, even if you're just saying,"D'uh, Lyda, subtract 12!" That just doesn't happen easily in my head, I have to write it down to do the math, by hand, each time.

So now I have my scribbled notes.

That should work just fine.

This is only important because I have ONE thing that I absolutely MUST attend tomorrow (my Wednesday, New Zealand's Thursday) my UK publisher, Wizard Tower Press, is hosting a party for their authors, which includes me, and I am doing a reading for them at 2 pm (CDT.GMT-6). IF you are also attending WorldCON, please come?

My publisher's press release, regarding the event: https://www.cheryl-morgan.com/?p=28097
I will be reading from my newest release, Unjust Cause, which you can buy here: https://wizardstowerpress.com/books-2/books-by-tate-hallaway/unjust-cause/ or anywhere fine books are sold. This book can come to you as paper, hardcover, or e-book. /advertisement.

I have actually not yet checked to see how the party rooms operate. Are they Zoom? Are they Discord voice/video channels? This is going to matter because I'm going to have to figure out which computer to use, because not all of mine have the same processing power. If there is more than one "room" in a Zoom meeting, it has previously (at the Nebula parties I attended) not been possible to navigate independently from my iPad, whereas it is/was, when I use Mason's old computer (which, technically, is one of mine now.)

Ah, virtual cons.

I mean, I have really loved them? I really loved the way the Nebula parties were structured and WisCON was a blast. but, there is always this tech adjustment to be made at the start.

Hope to see you there!

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