Monday, August 14, 2006

Brood on it

In order to write good fiction, or even bad fiction, you have to be rigidly doctrinaire with yourself: every time you have creative thoughts, you have to squelch them; they are elements of counter-revolution posing as revolution, remnants of the old bourgeoisie. Making fiction is hard work, and requires discipline, loyalty, obedience, and above all teamwork.
--Paul Park


Eleanor said...

Paul's remark is funny, but he's wrong.

Sean M. Murphy said...

See, Eleanor is being so much more kind than I would have been. I read this the first time and almost walked across the apartment to pick up The Gospel of Corax and throw it--and I don't generally throw books.

A second reading made me think this was intentionally provocative, that it was, in fact, extremely tongue-in-cheek. I don't know Paul, but it would greatly surprise me if he truly felt this way.

Though it might explain why I can't make it through Corax. said...

hi bill,
very long time. of course you are still writing, thank god. glad to hear you have finished your novel--i'm betting its good fiction. can't wait to read it