Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pens, Redux

So, as I said in response to the earlier "Pens" post, "I use a fountain pen...". I also noted that I use the ink cartridges or the cartridge draw. Until now, I've only been using the pre-packaged cartridges. Today, for the first time, I used the draw cartridge and inkwell.


Twice the inkflow, much smoother delivery, no annoying gaps in the writing or scratchy areas--and this is with my least favorite nib. It doesn't have the same kind of vacuum effect to keep the ink from splattering out, so you have to be careful about taking the pen cap off, and avoid gesticulating wildly with an uncapped pen, but that is a very small, easily avoidable dilemma. For any of you out there with fountain pens who have stuck with the packaged ink cartridges because they're less fussy and easy to carry around, I strongly suggest using the draw cartridge. I think you'll be quite pleased with the results.


Douglas Hulick said...

Yup. They dry out faster, though.

I prefer Pelikan's ink over the more common Parker when it comes to writing with drawn ink, but that's me.

Sean M. Murphy said...

My best experience so far has been with Waterman, which I strongly prefer over both Parker and Pelikan inks. It's thicker and smoother. Pelikan is still to watery for me. That said, Doug, I've got 40 cartridges of Pelikan ink for you, if you want 'em.