Monday, September 04, 2006

Holy Toledo

I just checked Kelly's website. According to it, he is in three (3) writing groups. How do you do it, Kelly? I can barely keep up with the Wyrdsmiths.


Kelly McCullough said...

Currently, I'm only active in Wyrdsmiths. I'm on hiatus from Gut & Rocks and have been through the whole family stress issue of the last year. And Karma Weasels folded not long after I moved to Wisconsin.

Before that I was doing all three. It wasn't actually too bad until I added in the hour drive time each way, but that was a killer, which was part of why I'd left Karma Weasels before they folded.

Sean M. Murphy said...

For a while, I was in Guts & Rocks as well as Wyrdsmiths, and I had a lot of trouble staying on top of everything. The commentary was good, but I was finding that I wasn't getting a lot of writing done, with all the reading and review that I had to do.

Eventually, I left G&R and stayed with Wyrdsmiths. It was a better fit for me, with what I was writing and the responses I was getting. Still, I think a writer could make more than one group work, if they were careful about it and planned their time well.

And it might be easier if that person was a full-time writer, too.