Monday, December 18, 2006

Quick Hit

Over at Making Light Teresa Nielsen Hayden has posted some excerpts from an article by Keith Snyder on Novels in Progess and solving writing problems. The post is here. Very interesting stuff.


Anonymous said...

Excellent and instructive, Kelly. Thanks for passing this one on. Good note, too, that some of the article rings of the "this is the one right way to do it" tone, which, while adequately answered in further comments down the line with regard to VP, still is good to draw attention to. There is something to the "root cause" analysis that he is suggesting, especially if you can identify more-or-less where something feels like it goes off track.

Stephanie Zvan said...

The whole pdf is worth reading. The idea of laying out your book by scene after it's done, defining the purpose(s) of each scene, and deciding whether each can do more (or could be pared down to reflect its purpose better) is great advice for someone wondering where to start with rewrites.

Kelly McCullough said...

Yeah, he's now got a html version up, though without permalinks, so I'll wait a bit to link to it. Some very good stuff. And very little that I violently dissagree with—rare in writing advice.