Friday, March 09, 2007

Preorder + Smart Things

Two quick tidbits.

First, Cybermancy is now available for preorder (ships Sept 25th): Cybermancy*

Second, once again Eleanor is saying smart things about writing: Inspiration

*If I did that right, using that link to order a copy will even earn me a few extra cents per book should you be so inclined.


Erik Buchanan said...

How does the money per click thing work? Mine's coming out in June and I want to encourage freinds to put a link on their websites.

Kelly McCullough said...

It's through the Amazon associates program:

They can explain it better than I would.

Erik Buchanan said...

Thanks much.

Kelly Swails said...

Sweet! I just pre-ordered it. Can't wait to see what Melchoir gets up to!

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey X, thanks. Much appreciated.

Erik Buchanan said...

Any chance it's coming to I'm going to order it but I'd rather not pay it's weight in duty.