Thursday, May 10, 2007

Generic Universal Blog Post

Clever title

Paragraph describing brilliant idea/latest (your area here) slap fight/cool new internet meme.*

Paragraph explaining relevance of same.

Paragraph relating topic to personal experience or expertise.

Pithy summation.

Appeal to readers to do the rest of your work for you.

*or insider joke for regular this footnote.


Unknown said...

Insert comment here

Anonymous said...

Insert inflammatory counter-post here. Insinuate that original poster and/or commentator has no basis for formulating any sort of argument, nevermind the one they have posted herein.

Reconciliatory paragraph here.

Pithy closing shot addended.

Douglas Hulick said...

Add comment echoing a previous comment, making sure to exclude any new insights or substance.

Include gratuitous use of exclamation points.

Close with emoticon.

Kelly Swails said...

Add comment that agrees with everything that's already been said.

Stroke an ego here.

Rub salve on a wound here.

Witty closing note here.

Erik Buchanan said...

Late comment attempting to relate but without substantial contribution.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Long, self-aggrandizing story keyed off a single word from a comment that is in no other way related to this story.

Close with URLs for three personal websites.

Anonymous said...

Spam and/or inappropriate comparison to Hitler.

Anonymous said...


Kelly McCullough said...

Stop back in to check comment thread, giggle.

Quibble with this or that point.

Dispense sage advice, or possibly thyme advice--whichever is more appropriate.

Jen said...

Occasional commenter wanders by, attempts to drag thread back on topic by almost agreeing with original post.

Ignores every other post due to social anxiety disorder but doesn't say that, so comes off as rude.

Makes highly inappropriate joke, doubling rudeness factor.

Naomi said...

Consider posting, feel guilty for not posting more often on group blog that I'm supposed to participate in, slink away again without actually participating in conversation.

Anonymous said...

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