Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Home from WisCon (Party Report)


I think most of us are back at this point. I for one had a great time. The Wyrdsmiths party was a blowout and seriously reinforced the more-beer-less-food mantra that we've been developing. We blew through an amazing quantity between 10:00 and 12:00 and would have run dry soon thereafter had not the folks from Nightshade books and the Scribe literary agency showed up and started playing bartender. I'm not sure which of them brought the Scotch and other alcohol, (I was on the far side of the party at the time and literally couldn't get over there) but many thanks to whoever it was. Please correct me in comments if I'm missing or misnaming anyone, and I'll update.

We had a hell of a lot of publishing folks (writers, agents, editors, reviewers...) come through, including quite a number of writers who are not yet published but who I fully expect to see in print in the near future.

Industry party attendees in no particular order:

The aforementioned bar rescuers from Scribe and Nightshade.
Sam Butler,
Patrica Bray,
Jennifer Dunne,
Jennifer Stevenson,
Laurel Winter,
Barth Anderson,
Sharyn November,
Jim Frenkel,
Leah Cutter,
Alma Alexander,
Alan DeNiro,
Michael Levy,
Sandra Lindow,
Michael Merriam,
Hilary Moon Murphy,
Lori Selke,
Stephen H. Segal,
S.N. Arly,
David Hoffman-Dachelet
Stephanie Zvan
J. Simon
Greg Frost and Delia Sherman came in, but only long enough to borrow a coffee maker for the party they were throwing down the hall.

Douglas Lain,
Rebecca Marjesdatter,
Terry Gerry,
Jeremy Lassen (Nightshade-mentioned above but not named),
Kristopher O'higgins and Jesse Vogel (Scribe-ditto),

There were more, and please add to the list (or the links) in comments and I'll update accordingly. All misspellings are my own.


S.H. Segal said...

Hey Kelly -- great to meet you! And it was a terrific party -- would have stayed longer had I not been merely on a brief furlough from my sentence as bartender at the aforementioned Irish-coffee party down the hall.

(And in the future, I shall defend the correct spelling of your name... "to the pain.")

Kelly Swails said...

My gawd! Sounds like a great time! I'm sooo going next year.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Kelly X, sign up soon (and make your hotel reservations). WisCon has been discovered, and they cap registration.

And it would be cool to see you again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just made my reservations for the G.C., because otherwise it would be g.o.n.e.

And life is so much better in the G.C.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey Stephen,

Delighted to meet you as well. I wish we'd had more of a chance to chat as I'd love to hear about the business from your perspective.

Y, it's always a blast and you should definitely go. I'm way bummed that I won't be there next year, but somewhat consoled by the fact that I'll be missing out because Laura and I will be spending two month living in an old palace in Scotland while she teaches university summer school. Ah well, 2009.

Steph, Sean, dah.

lydamorehouse said...

I have my own con report listed on my livejournal page.

Stephanie Zvan said...

Sean, in case no one else says it, you were soundly missed. If nothing else, the words "young and enthusiastic" were spoken in wistful tones several times as people contemplated the work required to set up the party. :)

Kelly Swails said...

Y: Um, yeah. Scotland totally wins.

Anonymous said...

Deb Taber, Apex Publications art director, said she was sad not to have been able to see either Kelly McCullough or Scott Lynch at the con.

Kelly McCullough said...

Mari, please tell her I'm sorry I missed her. I don't think Scott was there--he didn't mention it on the listserve where i'd have expected to see it--or if he was there, he was basically invisible.

Eleanor said...

Sounds like a good party. I was asleep in my room, having settled down for a brief nap before the Guest of Honor speeches. When I woke, it was too late to do anything except go back to bed. I have got to figure out a way to pace myself at cons. You'd think I would have learned by now. My first con was in 1961.