Sunday, July 15, 2007

Miss Snark's Greatest Hits (vol 19)

Snarkive diving, another dense one.

On reader sensibilities, which touches on the implicit contract idea a bit, though it's more a reminder of the reader than anything else.

Synopsis stuff--line spacing.

When an agent talks about having a full list, it means they probably have...a full list. Here's why you don't necessarily want to get a super agent whose already running at capacity.

More on not working with fee charging agents. If you're already convinced that it's a bad idea you can skip these two posts, but it's a point that should be made strongly and with some frequency. One, and two.

Miss Snark growls at the Sunday Times for stupid investigative journalism tricks. The gist is that they did a report by sending a couple of chapters from previously published and award winning works off to some editors who all rejected it. Miss Snark notes that they sent directly to editors, unsolicited, that there's no mention of cover letters, that the work was almost certainly dated, that there was no effort to target appropriate editors, and that the appropriate editors would have probably recognized something familiar about it and bounced it for that very reason. It's kind of a fun read.

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