Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Miss Snark's Greatest Hits (vol 22)

Snarkive* goodies.

On whether or not to include possibly unsavory but professional credits in your cover/query letters. The answer is it depends, but probably yes.

On mentioning those seventeen novels you've got tucked under the bed. Don't.

When an agent requests your book, how long do you have before the request expires? Not very.

When an agent calls you to talk before agreeing to represent you. What is she looking for? Short answer, be polite, be professional, be easy to work with.

Speaking of which, when your editor asks you to do something, do you: A, do it. B, send an email to Miss Snark or someone else asking whether or not you should. C, ignore her. D, something else. I'll give you a hint. It's not B or C, and it's only D if that something else is talk back and forth with your editor to find out how best to approach the problem that made her request that you do A.

Finally, an industry post on some of the differences between small and large presses in terms of book availability, marketing clout, etc.

*For those who turned in late, I'm going through Miss Snark's** archives and pulling out the posts I think will be most useful to writers. At the end of my snarkive diving I will create an indexed post with all of the stuff I've dug up.

**The wonderfully useful anonymous agent who recently shut the doors of her industry/writing blog.

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