Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Miss Snark's Greatest Hits (vol 27)

The topic on this one is date specific requests for a partial, but the most interesting bits are down at the bottom where she talks about what to send along with the requested partial--important advice.

What to say when your writing buddy sends you something to read and it turns out that while they may be to your taste, their work is not. This one is funny, and for anyone who reads stuff in draft a familiar story.

Networking with the pros, or how win friends and influence people. I have mixed feelings about this. Her advice is basically sound, but I'm uncomfortable with the idea of networking for networking's sake. Making friends who can help your career is great since they probably share a lot of your interests, but doing it only because they can help your career smacks of using people and that's not okay.

Querying an agent with a new novel after a previous reject.

A couple of guest posts on querying multiple agents at the same agency. Brian DeFiore. Jenny Bent and Lucienne Diver.

Overcoming the fear of sending your work in. Nice.

Fascinating post on inherited literary properties-what to do with Grandpa's diaries and unpublished novels.

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