Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miss Snark's Greatest Hits (vol 29)

Miss Snark special double-pack. The Miss Snark post will be going on temporary hiatus while I go to a couple of conferences. I'm hoping to post a few things from the road, but can't guarantee it so it might be a while before you see my byline again. In the meantime, here's double the Snark.

What you should say when you get the call, or more correctly, a good snapshot of the process that leads to said call.

Smart thing to do when trying to figure out word count for a given genre. Go to the bookstore. I'd add one additional note to her criteria, make sure you've got first books by new authors.

Rights stuff:

Foreign rights or, am I ever going to get paid? Yes, eventually, probably.

You can't copyright an idea.

Query land:

E-queries and how do you send pages if not via attachment. Guest blogged since Miss Snark doesn't take them, with some general advice as well as the formatting stuff.

Make sure to safelist the agents you're equerying in your spam blocker if you want to actually hear back from them.

Querying weird stuff. Or what to do when you've written something that doesn't fit into the usual linear novel box.

More from the what not to do files, or how to really annoy an agent with the phone.

Trying to force a request for page by not giving the agent open ended questions is a dumb idea.

Requerying, the don'ts.

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