Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Miss Snark's Greatest Hits (vol 8)

A bunch of stuff from my most recent pass through a snarkive section--she was on fire in this window.

Advice for when your agent is advocating for what you could write instead of what you do write.

Bad agency contracts. As a side note, my agent and I work on a verbal agreement and handshake basis.

Agents outside of New York, which she feels are perfectly fine. So do I--my agent is not in New York.

The market for an as yet unsold book is not counted in readers it's counted in editors buying that type of book. I hadn't thought about this in quite this way, though it's exactly how I've always thought of short story markets.

Book taxonomy for queries. Category vs. description. Notes on how to label your book for agency consumption.

Finally, in the bad agent issues category, she linked to an excellent post on how to fire your agent.

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