Friday, August 17, 2007

Miss Snark's Greatest Hits (vol 32)

Howdy all,

I'll post something a bit more substantive once I'm fully awake in an hour or two, but in the meantime here's another episode of Miss Snark's smart things about writing.

Interesting post on the use of brand names in fiction. I would add a note that if you do use brand names in a non-complimentary way, you'd better have a darned good reason if you don't want them to be edited out of your book.

Don't register your copyright before you send your MS out to agents and editors. And if you do, don't tell them about it. Of course, this is for books. Screenplays and anything Hollywood is a very different animal.

A nice precis on some of the differences in rights sales for short stories and novels. Or: First rights are for short stories.

Synopsis minutia and line spacing.

When you can write requested material on a manuscript. Hint, only if the person requesting it tells you to.

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