Monday, August 27, 2007

Miss Snark's Greatest Hits (vol 39)

More notes from the snarkives:

I've linked to this when it came out the first time and it's still fabulous advice for the question of "when to give up." Never!

Something I firmly agree with: Even character-driven novels need a plot.

No, you don't need a perfect first line but it sure doesn't hurt. This one is worth the read for the context of this quote: "We set things down when they're bad, not when they're not good enough."

If given a choice is it better to send paper copy or electronic. Electronic. I firmly agree.

How to write a hook an excellent primer.

Rights reversion clauses, a quick explanation.

Selling on proposal. It happens of course, but only if you've got a proven track record in the book biz.

And a few don'ts:

Never two-time an agent who's working with you. This is a great way to end up with no agent and a bad rep.

Bad advice from the pros. Contract lawyers are much more expensive than agents.

Don't think of your agent as your bff. Even if you and your agent are genuinely friends, it's very specialized kind of friendship, one that doesn't involve wedding invites, the exchange of gifts, or daily phone calls.

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