Sunday, September 23, 2007

Making Production

As an experiment, I started a YA fantasy novel last week, to see if I could write 300 words a day. I managed 700-800 words in two days with no effort. If I could do this five days a week, like a real job, I would have 100,000 words by the end of a year. This is double the length of a YA. I'd have plenty of time for revising, since I'd be done with the first draft halfway through the year.

However, I don't like what I have written. Even in a few pages, the story took off in a bad direction. I have a dark side, which I try to keep under control, except in the hwarhath stories, where my Nordic grimness seems to fit. The Goxhat stories, all two of them so far, are also pretty Nordic and Old Norse. Anyway, the story seemed heading in a dark direction, and it wasn't the right place to begin the story. I started with the heroine being discovered abandoned as a newborn. The story needs to begin 10 or 12 years later.

What I have now is a wisp of an idea: a poor, street-smart girl, who doesn't know who her parents are. She was found abandoned as a newborn. Since she is black in a country where almost everyone is brown, she knows her parents were foreigners, but that's all she knows.

There is a noble, rather naive, brown boy, who is running away from an arranged marriage.

And there is a traveling wizard, an aging woman. Maybe I should make her white. That would be different.

That's all I have. I guess the novel would be about race, class and magic.


Crystal said...

I'm new to this so I thought I would come over and thank you for your comment. I very much enjoyed the book and look forward to many more! Thank you again, Crystal

ps: I left you a comment on my site, I never get visitors but my mom so check it out. It's a funny thing how I ended up finding your book!! Have a good evening..

Kelly McCullough said...

You're welcome, Crystal.