Monday, September 03, 2007

SFWA shoots itself in the foot

This compels me to note that as a SFWA member (life active) I do not support SFWA's actions in the Scribd mess. More info here.

Kelly McCullough


Anonymous said...


They never sent me anything about renewal when my membership expired in March...

Naomi said...

As a SFWA member I find this deeply embarrassing. Even though I didn't vote for Burt (I voted for the write-in candidates for both President and VP). This is just inexcusable on so many levels.

I'm not resigning my membership, though, in the hopes that I'll get a better crop of candidates on next year's ballot.

Douglas Hulick said...

When I read this earlier this week, it made me glad I let my membership lapse a couple of years ago. I may re-up again in the future, but not until there's been some house cleaning.

Sort of makes you miss the days where political in-fighting and back-biting were the most annoying things about the organization.... :)

Kelly Swails said...

This mess will make me think hard about joining when I'm eligible.

Erik Buchanan said...

Wow. Stupid.

Really Stupid.

Mind-bogglingly stupid.

We're talking bad politician stupid.

If you are going to do something this broad, it behooves you to make sure it's done right.

On a lighter note, my book Small Magics is once more available for sale on Amazon and others (plug, plug).

Kelly McCullough said...

Well, they've decided to suspend the committee which is at least a step in the right direction, though I suspect that Andrew Burt is going to need to resign from the vice-presidency as well.