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Making Light Indices–Oct-Dec 2004 Update

Freshly added to the Making Light Indices–posts from the Oct-Dec 2004 archives:

Writing and Publishing

TOR and the IRC heap. That's International Reply Coupons, and what happens to them if they aren't dealt with regularly and promptly. If you've ever snail-mailed a submission to a foreign publisher this is worth a read. 62 comments Nov, 2004.

The intersection of Publishing and Politics streets. On George Bush, the culture of motivation, and doubt. Observations rooted in seeing a lot of writer responses to rejection. 222 comments Oct, 2004.

Fanwriting and prowriting, slash and squick and squee. A link to and discursion on a livejournal post on the resonance of slash--"sex, power issues, identity issues, physical or emotional violence, revelation, transformation, transcendence, violent catharsis..."etc. Much useful discussion of writing to be had here. 278 comments Dec, 2004.


Bush Jokes, both in the post and the thread. 147 comments Oct, 2004.

Election 2004 and grieving. It was a very dark week. 219 comments Nov, 2004. With Adam Felber concession speech bonus for a bit of leavening. 171 comments Nov, 2004.

Stupider than dirt. Gerald Allen, an Alabama Republican demonstrates stupidity above and beyond the call in the matter of homosexuality and literature. 134 comments Dec, 2004.

"Common Good" and their flowchart of what it takes to suspend a disruptive student in the NYC school system...or not. Teresa disassembles the chart in detail. 204 comments Dec, 2004.

"We never knew" A site dedicated to deflating the claims of pre-Hitler ignorance on the part of the German people. Plus applying those principles to the reaction of people to the September 11th attacks.


The first of Jim McDonald's emergency preparedness and medicine posts. Emergency kits. 110 comments Nov, 2004.


Ghosts of the great war 2004. #3 in an ongoing series. 42 comments Nov 11, 2004.

Ghosts of the great war 2002. #1 in an ongoing series. 11 comments Nov 11, 2002.

Misc cool stuff

"Salwar kameez" Buying traditional Indian and Pakastani tailored clothes via eBay. 719 comments Nov, 2004. Follow up with Teresa interviewed by South Asia World TV. 53 comments Apr, 2005.

Which holiday songs would you remove from the playlist? 207 comments Dec, 2004.

SantaCon. A con for Santas, not a fan con in Santa Barbara. 29 comments Dec, 2004.

Rice pudding, house-elves, and Scandinavian Christmas tradition. 88 comments Dec, 2004.


Otherkin and Jesus, a site spreading the gospel to those they were born the wrong species. Really. Dead link. 166 comments Nov, 2004.

John M. Ford on the usage of "Fundamentalist" to describe holy book literalists. He feels it's a misnomer. 160 comments Nov, 2004.

Grammar Geeking

On the futility of computerized grammar checkers for English. 79 comments Nov, 2004.

Animal hording )and( death masks

More on animal hording. Plus administrative bits and more on Death masks. 58 comments Nov, 2004

"Death masks". 35 comments Nov, 2004. (More here)


Grants scam phone call. 70 comments Nov, 2004.

Profitable Publishing, or not. Vanity press smackdown. 141 comments Dec, 2004.

Spotting phishing scams, a discussion and quiz. 64 comments Dec, 2004.


A Kit Marlowe/Big Sleep pastiche. V funny. 369 comments Dec, 2004.


Chatham County Artillery Punch. 50 comments Dec, 2004.

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