Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Running Mostly Silent

Due to an insane October I've fallen behind my* schedule for MythOS, so I'm going to have to mostly drop off the face of the Earth for a bit. I've got some blog stuff percolating, and will probably throw out the bits as they ripen, so I won't be gone completely, but I will have a reduced posting presence for a bit.

On the blog back burner: Kelly's Rules for Writers, Or Publishing 101. Books I Have Written or Tried to Write (17, how did that happen?). Synopses, Lessons Learned from My Students. More on Series and Ologies. Raising the Stakes. Combat Scenes and Sex Scene--A Double Headed Coin?


*Update: It should probably be noted that my schedule is seriously in advance of my publisher's, and I'm not in danger of turning in late, or even less than a couple of months early.


jen @ you would think said...

This is probably as good a thread as any to let you know that I recently read When Jabberwocks Attack and really enjoyed it. Thanks for doing what you do, Mr.Mc! :)

DKoren said...

Good luck!

Looking forward to the "Combat scenes/sex scene..." post, as I write a lot of combat stuff.