Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Faerie Market --(For the Love)

Selly Breagle from BroadUniverse passed this on:

Faerie Nation Mag is looking for flash fiction. The deadline for the next issueis Feb 9, and I know they still want stuff for that issue. The mag's readers are" spiritual outlaws, social innovators, poets, clowns, Faeries, and other happily mad folks — the lunatic fringe of the alternative community. Our spiritual focusis not religious; it is interfaith mysticism. We're people for whom alternative modalities just aren’t alternative enough. " Submission guidelines are at http://www.outlawbunny.com/FNMsubmissions.html

It doesn't pay, but you get a free 50 word ad (promote your book!). The editors like eccentric stuff, as long as it's accessible - - not obscure - - because theytry to reach diverse readers. Your piece doesn't need to be spiritual. They just want interesting stuff.

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