Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Paying Market for SF/F Wolves

Permission to forward granted

Wolfsong Anthology, Volume I, published by Wolfsinger Publications; edited by M. H. Bonham.

The wolf has been a creature of mythology and legend since humans first told stories. Feared and reviled, or worshipped and loved, the wolf symbolizes wildness and power. In the Wolfsong Anthology, we’re hoping to capture the wolf in new stories that celebrate their magic and mysticism. What we’re looking for are original, well-constructed SFF stories where wolves play a major role. The story can be fantasy (epic fantasy, mysticism, sword and sorcery, urban fantasy, or heroic fantasy), science fiction, dark fantasy (not quite horror), or slipstream (no pure romance and absolutely no erotica). Word length 2000 to 7500 maximum. Will consider reprints IF you own the rights.

What we’re NOT looking for: Conventional, run-of-the-mill werewolf stories. You can have werewolves, but they better be unusual, captivating and not the typical werewolves we’ve seen in current literature. Note – werewolf stories may get bumped if we get too many of them, so stick with wolves, if you want a better chance. Stories without a beginning, middle or end – or stories without a plot. Erotica – This is PG-13. Don’t even think about bestiality. If it’ll embarrass my mother-in-law, I don’t want it. Really bloody horror. Violence is ok if it is necessary for the plot, but splatter and gore isn’t. You can be dark, but remember the PG-13 rating. Strictly romance, mainstream, or mystery. You can be almost mainstream or mystery, but you should have a fantastic element in it. Poetry. Anything under 2000 words or over 7500 words.Simultaneous and multiple submissions. (We’re striving to have our selections done by August 1st).

Submissions are open from February 1st to May 1st. Format your work to standard manuscript format: double-spaced type, Times New Roman 12 or something similar, and include your name, address, phone number and email. Please use italics for italics and bold for bold. Lastly, send us only RTF files. No exceptions. That means save your word document as an RTF. Send us your full manuscript (in RTF format) via email to editor@wolfsingerpubs.com. Please put “Wolfsong Submission: your story title” in the subject line. Don’t bother with queries. If the story fits the guidelines, we’re interested in looking at it. In your email, tell us what you’ve had published, or if you haven’t been published, tell us that too. Your lack of credentials doesn’t preclude you from being accepted. If the story is a reprint, tell us that too, and tell us where it was first published. We pay $5 advance and 50% royalty split between authors. Good luck!!!

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