Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Writer's Subconscious--Kelly

So I thought I'd take a crack at this meme, though I have my doubts about it since I write in three very distinct modes and there's not a huge crossover between them (I think I'll skip the science fiction and focus on fantasy here). Of course, none of my darker mode stuff is in print at book length, but I'm working on that.

1) There will be classical references.

2) There will be black humor (in varying amounts depending on mode).

3) There will be fey or the remnants of fey with vivid descriptions of same.

4) There will be theater or theater people somewhere in the story.

5) There will be a happy ending for some value of happy.

6) There will be a romance.

7) The story will probably take place on a compressed timescale.

8) Unusual magic systems will be important to the story.

9) Someone will raise an eyebrow.

10) Things that are believed by characters early on will turn out to have been false or misinterpreted.

11) Bonus point and the one that is truly subconscious for me. The female lead has an 80% chance of having a name that ends in A. The WebMage books are almost the only book length work I've done where this is not true.

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