Monday, February 18, 2008

SFWA, Please Don't Shoot That Foot Again, It's Suffered Enough

First, a small disclaimer: This is my personal opinion on the latest SFWA drama and does not constitute a formal declaration of any kind by the rest of the Wyrdsmiths.

Today Jon Scalzi has a post up in which he expresses his appalled response to the idea of Andrew Burt running for SFWA president. I agree with almost everything Scalzi says on the subject. The election of Burt would be the equivalent of putting an oak stake through SFWA's heart, beheading the organization, filling its mouth with garlic, and burying the lot upside down in a crossroads.

Russell Davis has my vote for SFWA president. If Andrew Burt gets in I will have to decide if a life membership bought years ago would be better resigned, suspended, or simply treated as an embarrassment going forward. It was, at the time, a significant expense and a sign of my commitment to making a career in the field. That I might be brought to a place where that membership becomes a burden both psychologically and professionally rather than the sign of accomplishment it once was is something that deeply saddens me.

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