Friday, February 08, 2008

Shamless Self-Promotion (Morehouse)

I have two announcements.

First, Periphery: Erotic Lesbian Futures (edited by Lynn Jamneck), in which my short story "ishtartu" appears in, is now available for pre-sale at You can purchase it either as a print version or Kindle. Also, the publisher, Lethe Press, is planning to make it available for sale in the dealer's room at WisCON this year. (Note for fans of my AngeLINK series, "ishtartu" takes place in that universe, although it features brand new characters.)

The second announcement also involves my AngeLINK universe. My agent finally officially closed a deal with small press Mad Norwegian Press to publish a prequel to Archangel Protocol. Currently, the book is titled Resurrection Code and features the rise of Mouse and birth of Page.

As part of the negotiation, I asked for eighteen months to write the prequel. I'm hoping to write it faster than that, but if I turn it in by my deadline of June 2009, the book won't likely be out until sometime in 2010. I'll be posting regular updates about it on my LiveJournal blog.

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