Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Smart Things--Writing & Money

John Scalzi saying smart things about writers and finances via Justine Larbalestier. Please note Scalzi's disclaimer that not all these things will apply to every writer. Also, the comments thread is fascinating. In particular the first comment has very good advice.

Bloggasm with an interesting article on the financial viability and structure of fantasy and science fiction e-zines via Jay Lake.

Updated: For clarity's sake-Thanks Jay.


jaylake said...

Your phrasing is potentially misleading. F&SF doesn't have an e-zine, so far as I know.


Kelly McCullough said...

Ouch, didn't even occur to me. fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, my family's trained me quite nicely. Some of the things Scalzi suggests - careful with the credit card (I don't have one, don't want one), careful with the shiny (don't need it, really, got the Internet and books) are ingrained into my mind!

I just very, very muchly need to learn to manage my time, things like, er, the addiction to Internet information. Easily my most uber problem. :)

Of course, at 25, I don't really have an honest to Bog job. I just hope that when I DO get some money, I don't snap and grab everything shiny like one of my RL friends. :)

Comment 97, wow. I don't live in a city (though the Twin Cities are three hours away o_o!) and any from-experience comments like that boggle my mind.