Friday, March 21, 2008

Minicon Schedule

One hundred percent of the female members of Wyrdsmiths will be at Minicon 43 this weekend at the Sheridan Bloomington Hotel. If you're curious about the kind of programming that we will be attending/participating on, check out Minicon's Programming Grid.

In other news, it's snowing here: great, huge gobs of fluffy white stuff. A true confession? I kind of like it. Today feels like one of those days when, if I didn't have an off-school, four and a half year old banging on a drum in the other room, I'd totally snuggle into bed and read and/or write all day.

Do you have days that FEEL like writing days? Is there perfect weather for writing?


Timmy said...

Dear Wyrdsmiths,

I am organizing a panel discussion at the upcoming Saints and Sinners Festival ( in New Orelans. The panel will be focused on creating and sustaining GLBT writing groups. I can't tell from your page, but I think your group might fit the bill, and I'm wondering if you have a representative going to the conference. If so, I'd love the chance to discuss the panel more with you.

I'm looking for one or two more people to help round out the panel. Please e-mail me directly at Thanks, and I'm mos grateful for your consideration.

Kind regards,
Timothy State

lydamorehouse said...

Hey, Timothy, thanks for the invite. I don't want to speak for anyone else's orientation, but I think it's safe to say that the GLBT writers in Wyrdsmiths are in the minority. We're a mixed group!

Anonymous said...

I found for a couple of years that my Ideas came up in June. I don't know why! Maybe because it's spring and Minnesota snow melts?

Storms are my writing weather, but it's hard to time it. Really high winds and a downpour of rainshower. Mmmm.

Changing weather is often my muse. Which is why MN is a cheerful if insane place to live. :D