Wednesday, March 05, 2008

News Flash(s)

According to Absolute Write Water Cooler, Predators & Editors is being sued for libel both by Victor E. Cretella, III, Esq. (apparently on behalf of the folks at Publish America) and a literary agent named Barbara Bauer.

And, then when I went to check out what P&E had to say for itself on the matter, I came across the announcement there that long-time on-line community for writers Speculations has apparently died.

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Mari Adkins said...

A friend of mine is putting together an anthology to help P&E. I sent in a submission yesterday:


Charity Anthology:

Calling all authors:

In February, it was learned that the business practice known as Publish America is now suing P&E (Predators and Editors)

Predators and Editors is a valuable resource for aspiring writers and publishers on who are who and what is what in the Publishing industry.

I am fully engaged in helping the fight against Publish America.

David Kuzminski who runs P&E needs your help: His group has been receiving donations for the legal case.

I, Eric Enck and David Kuzminski am asking all writers of any genre to give us some stories. They can be fantasy, horror, SF, bizzaro, romance…reprints it doesn't matter. We want good stories to put together an anthology for purchase.

Every cent will go to Predators and Editors for the legal case.

Please send submissions in double space 12pt font (Times New Roman preferred) to

The cover is being illustrated by renown artist, Danielle Serra.

Deadlines for stories is April 5th 2008.