Friday, May 09, 2008

Head Full of Goo

This is my official apology to all allergy sufferers for any lack of sympathy I might ever have shown on that front. Never before in my life have I been in the position of hoping that I was coming down with a cold. Unfortunately, at the moment I don't think that I am. I think instead that I have developed some sort of pollen allergy after 40 blissful years of not being significantly allergic to anything. My head feels like it's packed with cotton, I can't stop making typos, my left eye keeps tearing up, and my nose is doing an amazing impression of a faucet with a bad washer. Since it's all naso-sinal (or however that should be expressed) even the eye thing and there are zero secondary symptoms I'm afraid that I must assume the worst. Bleah. Bleah! BLEAH!


Douglas Hulick said...

I see antihistamines becoming your very good friend in the future.

As a life-long sufferer, you have my sympathies.

katiebird said...

Oh, Kelly. I'm so sorry. Colds are horrible, but they only last a few-ish days....

It does seem like allergies are forever.

I hope you find relief soon.


Maria Lima said...

Kelly, I empathize and send you loads of virtual antihistamines. I didn't have allergies until about 38-39 and they've definitely gotten worse over the last decade.

Good luck with finding the right combo of meds.


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you, Kelly.

Kelly Swails said...

Y: yep. Sucks, dude. Claritin, thy name is love.

Loves Pickles said...

Hey Kelly-
Sorry to hear about the allergies. I never had allergies until I hit my late 20s, then it got so bad that no drugs even helped at all, so I now do allergy shots which help so much I wish I would have agreed to them right off the bat. I give you my heartfelt sympathies: allergies blow (pun intended).

On a related note, do you know that Trader Joe's sells a bunch of Gluten Free products?

Hope all is well and that you find some relief for your allergies. Claritin-D worked for me the longest, but it can also raise your blood pressure, give you bloody noses and keep you up at night. It's better than severing the head from its host, though, I figure.