Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lyda's Wiscon

Lyda went to an entirely different con than I did. It sounds fun and relaxing. I looked for Leah Cutter and did not see her, got out onto State Street briefly on Saturday and bought a couple of pieces of jewelry, including a very nice thunder and lightning pin, which fit with the amazing storm we had in Madison -- though less amazing than the same storm in the Twin Cities area.

Otherwise, I did four panels and a reading, which may be too much, though I enjoyed it all. But I feel as if I never slowed down until yesterday, when I slept 14 hours.

P.S. I wrote a lot more about Wiscon on my own blog, much of it about definitions of social classes, since I was on the "SF and the Working Class" panel at Wiscon. I have been on the this panel many times, and it never works. So I tried to think out why it doesn't work.

It's kind of a huge chunk of thought. Now that it's done, I can take a deep breath and think about other things less intensely.

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